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Custom Solutions

Investors use Integra Custom Investment Solutions to replace their existing balanced fund approach or to complement their existing investment managers through exposure to new asset classes.

Integra is able to offer smaller pension plans a unique investment solution that is completely tailored to the individual needs of each plan. Integra Custom Investment Solutions is a very cost effective alternative to a standard balanced fund approach that would generally be the only other affordable option for most plans.

Balanced funds generally have three key drawbacks that can make them sub-optimal for most plans. A balanced fund is a “one-size fits all” solution that is aimed at the average needs of all the investors. As a result, the unique needs of a plan cannot be met with any degree of precision. Integra Custom Investment Solutions meets this challenge by constructing a custom portfolio made up of portions of investment pools, developed from its roster of over 27 managers and over 80 individual investment mandates. As a result, the portfolio will be constructed to exactly meet the distinct investment needs of the individual plan. Unlike a balanced fund, the portfolio, using an Integra Custom Investment Solution, will only include investment mandates your plan needs and in a proportion that suits the plan’s unique circumstances.

Another compromise investors must accept in most balanced funds is in the area of investment manager expertise. A balanced fund by definition must include many asset classes. Most balanced funds are managed by one investment management firm. As a result, they may not have top quality skill in all areas and therefore certain asset classes are either not included in the fund or the performance from certain asset classes detracts from the overall performance of the fund. Integra Custom Investment Solutions uses independent investment managers who have been vetted by ICL’s experienced investment manager review team. Only those managers who exhibit the skill necessary to deliver solid performance in their area of specialty are selected. As a result, investors who utilize Integra Custom Investment Solutions are not forced to make compromises when it comes to gaining access to investment mandates managed by multiple, skilled, independent investment managers.

Integra realizes that investment management needs change over time due to innovations in investment management or changes in the circumstances and needs of the individual pension plan. In a balanced fund it is difficult to make these changes and additions as the investment manager must take into account the needs of a wide range of investors. With Integra Custom Investment Solutions the investor can easily modify their holdings at any time and add a new investment pool to complement or replace an existing manager.

Integra Custom Investment Solutions is able to provide this service to investors at competitive fees to most balanced funds because investors are provided the benefits of the cumulative buying power of Integra and all of its clients. As a result, investment minimums or investment costs are not a barrier to entry in achieving a well-diversified, multi-managed, custom investment portfolio that can be modified at any time.